5 reasons to use Softcrow’s escrow services

Are you a user, supplier, distributor or buyer of software? If so, Softcrow is always the best choice if you wish to have a proper record of agreements about the use of the software. By choosing Softcrow you’re opting for an independent escrow agent which gets the best out of an agreement for all parties concerned, delivers the best quality at the lowest price and also guarantees optimal storage security. What are the five main reasons for choosing a Softcrow escrow service?

Softcrow’s agreements provide the best cover

An escrow agreement drafted by Softcrow arranges everything clearly and carefully. We ensure that all the parties to the agreement have the best possible cover and that clear provisions about all the main elements are included in the agreement as a matter of course.
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Integrity and confidentiality guaranteed

When discharging its obligations and carrying out its work, a Trusted Third Party (TTP) such as Softcrow must always be certain that it can account for its actions later. For example, Softcrow never seeks access on its own to confidential information held on deposit.
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Verification examinations guaranteed to be completely independent

Softcrow acts exclusively as an independent depositary. Whenever it is necessary to check that the deposited materials are complete and useable we always call in a neutral third party.
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Our storage facilities are exceptionally secure

Softcrow guarantees that the data deposited with it will be stored in an optimally secure environment. Use of the highest quality safes ensures that there is not the slightest chance that the deposited material can be damaged, even by fire or electromagnetic radiation.
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Softcrow guarantees you the best value for money

Softcrow is by far the cheapest provider of escrow services. Indeed, we can offer you even our most extensive package (Escrow Level III) at a price that other escrow agents cannot hope to match.
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If you would like to receive more information about our escrow services, please complete and send us the following form and we will contact you as quickly as possible. Any such contact is naturally without obligation. We simply tell you how we can be of service to you, but you are not bound in any way. Nonetheless, we hope to persuade you!
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